What is the Snapshot of You?

Photography gives us the ability to freeze time and memories. Sometimes those memories bring a smile to my face and other times they don’t. Regardless of the reaction, I cam remember where I was and what I was doing at the time the photo was taken. Then, it will either turn into a good memory, or a bad one.

While this is just a photo of an empty subway train in NYC, I remember taking this on the that I ran my first half marathon.

Photos are why I like Instagram so much. I love seeing places and things from other people’s perspectives. Sometimes the photos that people share make me want to add a place or an experience to my bucket list, and at other times they make me remove things from that same list.

We leave the same impression and generate the same memory, good or bad, each time we interact with someone. What would people remember if they saw a snapshot of you?

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