To Honor Someone, Make Them Unforgettable

After 16 years you would think that it gets easier, and on the surface it may look that way, but beneath that it still hurts the same. Ever since the attack on 9/11, our family has visited Ground Zero / The National September 11 Memorial every year. My wife’s older sister, Jennifer, along with nearly 3,000 others died on 9/11, and each year we go back to the site to pay the respect to her and to others that deserve it.


Listening to the names of those that died on that day being read by family members is emotional and heartbreaking. Each has a story to share about what has made their loved one unforgettable, what they meant to them, and how they’re working to make sure future generations know the impact that they had even though their lives were cut short unexpectedly and unfairly.

During the ceremony, the question of how to best remember, honor, and show respect to someone that has had such a positive impact in life kept running through my mind. And as the day progressed, the answer became much clearer.


The best way to show honor and respect, and ultimately remember that person that has had such a great impact on your life is to show it in your everyday actions. Act and live in such a manner that would make that person proud.

It is the act of doing that has a lasting impression. It is what people see, what they experience when they interact with you, and it is what future generations will also use as an example. It is the action that allows your words to have meaning and truth.


It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and it just might be the best way you can remember and honor someone that has meant a lot to you. How you live your life will make them unforgettable.

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